Xbox Live Gold Pass Subscription PDP

Redesign of the Xbox Live Gold Pass Subscription product detail page. The Microsoft Store team is currently going through a redesign of the product detail page. Implementing our new design language and better use of the buy box area are the main objectives. The buy box area is the most important area of the product detail page. It has all the information of the product. You can add and subtract quantity, promotional deals if applicable, social media accounts and the most important button, such as "Add to Cart" or "Buy." The new design language uses a "Mosaic" as the main visual. Images and solid color background with text create the "Mosaic."

UX Design // Visual Design // January 2016

Gold Members Area Page

Once you have signed in as a Gold Member, you will be taken to the member's page. You will see the benefits as a member with free and discounted games. Once again, the 'Mosaic" is the main part of the design. 


Current screenshot of the two pages