True Spirit

True Spirit is a school uniform company. The project was to create a new eCommerce site for them. Below you can see the entire design process from the research phase to UI work. In addition to UX, I also rebranded True Spirit by creating a different logo. 

UX Design // January 2015 

User research and brainstorming

In order to understand our target users, I interviewed a few parents who would be interested in buying school uniforms online and came up with my persona to help me identify the key features. 

Identifying Information architecture


1. Parents receives an email from the school administrator.
2. Parents go to True Spirit's website.
3. Parents can view True Spirit's uniform checklist for their children.
4. Easy and simple check out system.
5. Free shipping and easy to track its status.
6. Uniform arrives at home!

Storyboard to help coming up with the userflow

Low-fidelity Wireframe Sketch

After some research and brainstorming, I then started to sketch out the wireframes on paper just to get the basic ideas and layout down. 

Sketching and wireframing

Usability Test

To conduct our user test, I tested my prototype with five different participants. I instructed each participant to think out loud; what made sense and what are some confusing parts. Based on the notes and the results from the test, changes were made to the prototype.

Results from the usability test


Design Documentation // UX Spec Documents