Swedish Get Care Now

The Project: Help launch version 1 of Get Care Now. Get Care Now is a service provided by Swedish. Swedish offers four different get care services which include: 1. traditional appointment at a clinic location 2. virtual call with a nurse practitioner 3. at home care where a physician will visit you at home or at work and 4. urgent care which you can visit any of the urgent care locations.

My responsibilities: Ranged from wireframing, heuristic evaluation of the current service, and creating user stories to determining features we will need, decision making as lead designer on all visual and UI design, conducting cross-functional meetings with stakeholders and marketing teams to determine priorities, and facilitating with developers constantly to prevent any unexpected issues. 

The challenges: Without a lot of user research and usability testing being done, therefore a lot of the decision we made were based on assumption. Getting the MVP launch and receiving real time feedback was the approach. 

Desktop Version 1 - landing page

Our team works in a 2 weeks sprint with multiple iterations. Pre-plan meetings happen before each iteration to determine which design and features are included in each iteration. We work under an agile/lean UX environment where we embrace changes. Team work and constant communication are a must. 

Version 1.1 - landing page

A more flushed out design for the near future.

Other screens and scenarios

Mobile - landing page

Other screens and scenarios

Wireframes and User Testing

Wireframes were done initially to help visualize the design. We used a user-centered approach throughout the whole process to carefully determine what our users would want and value. A/B testing is useful when you are trying to decide which design direction would work best.