Pick is a work delegation app. This app is for you if you struggle with time management and task delegation. It allows you to quickly put your teams together on a specific project. You can create a project and input all the specific details about the project and input team members of your choice with their skill sets. Pick will save you time from going back and forth with all the what ifs and get you started on your project right away. 

UX Design // December 2015

High Fidelity Screen

User Interview and Persona

Interview questions were prepared to get to know my client better. It was meant to be causal and conversational. I did not want to get into the specifics (ie. UI, interface, key features and etc.)


1. Josh is being asked a million questions and tasks. 
2. Josh is confused and stressed out.
3. Josh discovered Pick can help.
4. Josh Inputs the necessary data about the project.
5. Pick will delegate task for Josh and he will be happy again. 

Whiteboard/ Low-fidelity Sketch

Once user interview, creating a persona and storyboards, are completed. I started sketching out some screens on the whiteboard to help come up with a user flow. 

User Flow

I found user flow super help. It gives you an idea of how the user might approach the app. 

Wireframe Sketch