Kim and Tyre

I was honored when Kim first asked me to take engagement pictures for her and Tyre. That feeling though was quickly replaced by nervousness because that’s a big task - taking engagement pics for a newly engaged couple. The pictures might end up on their website or STD’s so there’s a lot of pressure! I am def. not a professional photographer, I don’t have a fancy camera or lenses. Heck I bought my camera at Costco lol. (but Kim didn’t know that) but then I remembered why I got into photography in the first place. One- I enjoy taking pictures in general and two- to be able to do it for your friends makes me happy. Kim had always trusted and believed in me. A huge part of my design career started with Kim helping me along the way. She was the first person to tell me to pursue it. I had no idea what I was doing but because Kim said I could do it, I believed it too. This meant a lot to me personally as a thank you for believing in me.

I am so excited for Kim and Tyre. Going through their pictures I saw true genuine love between them. You can’t stage/ pose for happiness. The best pictures are always the candid ones. Hope you guys like them and congrats again!