Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy birthday Ethan! Today you turned 2! I can't really think back 2 years ago and remember how our lives were without you. Different, more free for sure but you have given us so much joy. Dad made this for you so we can watch this together when you are off to college and realize how fast time flies. Mom and Dad will always be your biggest cheerleaders, supporting you. We only have a couple of wish for you. 

Always remember how blessed and lucky you are and to help those that are less fortunate. You were borne in the United States, although it is not looking too good right now BUT you will be given every opportunity to succeed.  You have a family that loves you. Use your talents, gifts and skills to help others, love others no matter the race, religion and sexual orientation.

Second wish I have for you is not get too high or too low. You will have joys and successes in life but you will also struggle in life, make mistakes and bad things will happen. Don't let mistakes define you but instead learn from it. Appreciate the little things in life, you are going to have many distractions everyday. Don't let it distract you from what's important. Appreciate the laughter with your friends, the smell of a elephant ear, the taste of a french fries. The simple joys in life. 

Lastly, just be yourself. Be proud of who you are. Don't seek acceptance from social media. Spend time building relationships that matters to you. When you have family and friends that loves you no matter what. You are golden.