Life is Right Now

This week I got some unexpected work related news that flustered me quite a bit. Any time when you get blind sided by something it always take you some time to digest it. When I encounter not so great news I tend to shut down everyone around me and get into these "loner" mode where I just want to be by myself and do nothing. My wife always challenged me to let people in and share with those that I am the closest with. I get it, if one of my best friend is dealing with something and they wouldn't let me be there for them would be pretty frustrating. 

Part of the reason why I like to be alone is you can just walk around and clear your heads. That's how I recharge as an introvert. Yesterday I was doing a lot of phone calls and found myself just walking around Pioneer Square and the waterfront. I felt peaceful and blessed. It sounds super corny but life isn't waiting around for you. It's happening right now.

Walking around aimlessly taking pictures is one of my favorite thing to do. Here are some pics. All taken with Iphone 7. More of a subtle vintage feel.