Becoming Minimalist

I've read that Steve Jobs and Obama wears the exact same thing everyday. They have way too much stuff going on so I totally get it. I am not comparing myself to those two obviously but I've been wearing the same shoes every day for the past month. Now let me tell you, its been amazing. I am one of those that will take half an hour picking out a tshirt in the morning. It's been so nice not thinking about which shoes to wear, I need to start doing it with my shirts and jackets too. As I have gotten older, I am wearing less and less variety just because my styles changes over time. Now I rather buy something expensive that I can wear everyday then a ton of cheap stuff that I won't touch in six months. There are a lot of advantages wearing the same thing everyday:

  1. Less time wasted - It seriously takes me an hour thinking about what to wear and in the end I am STILL just wearing a t-shirt with a pair of jeans. I need to just have 5 shirts in white, grey and blue. 
  2. Becomes your "look" - Becoming minimalist is a big reason for this. I rather wear my nice expensive jacket everyday then wearing a bunch cheaper ones that I won't like in a month. It becomes your look and you will look more put together for those that understands fashion. 
  3. Less stressful - You never have to think about "is it too formal" "will my shoes match" You won't regret your outfits because all the clothes you have left are the ones you know you will like. 

    Anyone else want to try it?