Internet is finally up and running! It was about 10 days ago that we moved to Insignia. It's been a year long process and shout out to my wife for dealing with everything. I don't have a clue on how the loan process works. All the different numbers and paperwork...yikes. She is amazing! 

We are so happy to finally provide a room for Ethan. I got pretty emotional thinking back to our arrangement the past 10 months. Def wasn't the best for Ethan but we did our best. Of course, his own room means we have to sleep train him. It was a very scary thought because he is 10 months old now. He understands and can express his feelings a lot better. He is going to know mommy and daddy are leaving him all by himself in his crib on purpose. However, for everyone's benefit, it was time. As usual he was amazing and took about three days. The third day, he literally fake cried for about 1 min and he sat down all by himself and slept through the night. We are so proud of him knowing this will be better for his development and ours! We are reminded once again on how blessed we are. OH....DID I MENTIONED WE GOT INTO DAYCARE?!! Praise God. 

Here are some pics in Insignia, our new home.